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Okolnichy (Russian: око́льничий, IPA: [ɐˈkolʲnʲɪtɕɪj]) was an old Russian court official position. According to the Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary, directives on the position of okolnichy date back to the 14th century. Judging by the Muscovite records from the 16th and 17th centuries, okolnichy were entrusted with the same business in administration as boyars, with the only difference that they were placed second to boyars everywhere. While lower than boyars, it was one of the highest ranks (or positions) close to the tsar[1] in the courts of the Moscow rulers until the government reform undertaken by Peter the Great.

The word is derived from the Russian word окoлo (okolo) meaning 'close, near', in this case 'sitting close to the Tsar'. In the mid-16th century the role became second (subordinate) to boyars.[2]


The duties of the first known okolnichies included arranging the travel and quarters of grand princes and tsars, as well as accommodating foreign ambassadors and presenting them to the court.

Okolnichies had a seat in prikazes, were appointed as namestniks and voivodes, served as diplomatic envoys and members of the tsar's council (duma).

Initially the rank of okolnichy was the second highest after that of boyar, while often they performed similar duties. According to the system of mestnichestvo, a person could not be made a boyar unless someone else in his family had recently held the boyar/okolnichy rank. Consequently, a position of okolnichy was a step towards granting the boyar rank to a non-noble. Even Prince Dmitry Pozharsky, though a Rurikid knyaz by birth and the "Saviour of the Motherland" by royal mercy, could not secure a position higher than okolnichy, because neither his parents nor uncles had ever held a rank higher than stolnik.

Under the Romanovs, the 18 noblest families of Muscovy were given the privilege of starting their official career from the rank of okolnichy, skipping all the lower ranks, such as stolnik. At the same period, the positions of okolnichy were differentiated and some of them (quarters okolnichy or close okolnichy) were of higher rank than that of non-close boyars. The terms derive from a semi-formal ranking based on the proximity to the tsar at the tsar's table.

List of okolnichies[edit]

Ivan III of Russia[edit]

Year Name Notes
1462 Ivan Glebov-Oschera[3]
1476-1522 Ivan Vorontsov-Veliaminov Schedra[3]
1476 Andrei Plescheyev[3]
1485 Jurlo Plescheyev[3]
1487-1503 Nikifor Basenkov[3]
1489 Yuriy Kutuzov-Shestak[3]
1489-1501 Boris Kutuzov[3]
1495-1505 Petr Zabolotskiy[3]
1495-1504 Prince Ivan Zvenigorodskiy-Zvenets[3]
1495 Petr Plescheyev[3]
1498-1524 Ivan Vorontsov-Veliaminov Oblias[3]
1500 Grigoriy Mamon[3]
1500 Ivan Chulkov-Chebot[3]
1501-1515 Petr Davydov-Khromoy[3]
1501 Prince Vasiliy Romodanovskiy[3]
1501 Afanasiy Sakmyshev[3]
1503 Ivan Mamonov Bolshoy[3]

Vasiliy III of Russia[edit]

Year Name Notes
1506-1515 Konstantin Zabolotskiy[3]
1506 Prince Konstantin Ushaty[3]
1510 Prince Vasiliy Zvenigorodskiy Nozdrovaty[3]
1510-1511 Mikhail Bezzubtsev[4]
1510-1516 Petr Zhitov[3]
1510-1520 Ivan Zhulebin[3]
1510-1522 Petr Zakharyin-Yakovlev[3]
1510 Ivan Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1510 Andrei Saburov[3]
1510 Ivan Dobrynskiy-Simskiy Khabar[3]
1512-1515 Ivan Kolychyov Loban[3] Killed
1513-1535 Andrei Buturlin[3]
1514-1528 Vasiliy Zakharyin-Yakovlev[3]
1514-1538 Mikhail Zakharyin-Yuryev[3]
1514-1520 Dmitriy Kitayev[3]
1514 Ivan Liatskiy[3]
1516 Vasiliy Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1516 Fedor Peshkov-Saburov Musa[3]
1517 Fedor Karpov[3]
1518 Mikhail Tuchkov-Morozov[3]
1522 Mikhail Plescheyev[3]
1522 Prince Semen Serebriany[3]
1522 Prince Ivan Telepnev-Obolenskiy, the Mute[3]
1522 Prince Ivan Ushaty-Liapun[3]
1523-1529 Andrei Velikoy[3]
1523 Prince Mikhail Kubenskiy[3]
1524 Prince Ivan Paletskiy[3]
1525-1534 Fedor Bezzubtsev[3]
1530 Fedor Karpov[3]
1532 Yakov Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1532 Prince Vasiliy Ushaty-Chulok[3]

Ivan the Terrible[edit]

Year Name Notes
1535 Ivan Briukhovo-Morozov[3]
1535 Semen Shestunov-Krivoy[3]
1536-1561 Ivan Vorontsov-Foka[3]
1538-1554 Ivan Zhulebin Bolshoy[3]
1538-1543 Dmitriy Ivanov-Slepoy[3]
1539 Fedor Nagoy[3]
1539-1545 Semen Bezzubtsov Yepanchin
1540 Prince Ivan Riapolovskiy Strigin[3]
1542 Fedor Plescheyev[3]
1543-1547 Ivan Bezzubtsov[3]
1544 Ivan Shein[3]
1547-1551 Ivan Kolychyov-Rudakov[3]
1547 Danila Zakharyin Okolnichy and Dvoretsky (1547)[5]
1548-1555 Ivan Kolychyov Umnoy[3]
1548-1556 Fedor Adashev[3]
1548 Grigoriy Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1548 Mikhail Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1548 Danila Zakharyin[3]
1549-1557 Andrei Kvashin[3]
1549-1571 Dolmat Karpov[3]
1549 Ivan Sheremetev Bolshoy[3]
1549 Grigoriy Yakovlia[3]
1550-1554 Ivan Karpov[3]
1550 Semen Zabolotskiy[3]
1550 Vladimir Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1550 Petr Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1550 Semen Peshkov-Saburov[3]
1550 Yakov Saltykov[3]
1552-1567 Ivan Vorontsov[3]
1552-1562 Ivan Golovin[3]
1552 Semen Morozov-Poplevin[3]
1552 Aleksei Basmanov[3]
? (died 1566) Mikhail Golovin[3] Executed
1552 Lev Saltykov[3]
1552 Ivan Chobotov[3]
1554 Prince Ivan Khvorostinin[3]
1554 Ivan Alferyev[3]
1555-1560 Vasiliy Borisov[3]
1555-1561 Aleksei Adashev[3]
1555 Dmitriy Chebotov[3]
1555 Mikhail Yakovlia[3]
1556 Dmitriy Plescheyev[3]
1556 Vasiliy Danilov[3]
1557 Semen Yakovlev[3]
155? Ivan Yakovlev[3]
1557 Nikita Sheremetev[3]
1558 Ivan Sheremetev Menshoy[3]
1558 Dmitriy Shastunov[3]
1559 Daniil Adashev[3] Executed
1559 Fedor Kolychyov-Umnoy[3]
1559 Prince Vasiliy Sitskiy[3]
1559 Mikhail Yuryev[3]
1559 Vasiliy Yakovlia[3]
? (died 1561) Prince Dmitriy Paletskiy[3]
1563-1575 Petr Zaitsov[3]
1563 Zakhariy Plescheyev[3]
1563-1567 Petr Golovin[6]
1565-1575 Vasiliy Kolychyov-Umnoy[3]
1565-1571 Mikhail Lykov[3]
1565 Mikhail Tuchkov-Morozov[3]
1565 Ivan Chulkov[3]
1567-1571 Mikhail Kolychyov[3] Executed
1567-1576 Nikita Borisov[6]
1568-1571 Prince Vasiliy Viazemskiy[3]
1569 Prince Dmitriy Khvorostinin[4]
1571 Prince Ivan Khvorostinin[3]
1572 Grigoriy Sobakin[3]
1572 Vasiliy Sobakin Menshoy[3]
1572 Prince Osip Scherbatov[3]
1573 Prince Petr Tatev[3]
1573 Vasiliy Kolychyov[3]
1573-1578 Vasiliy Vorontsov[3] Executed
1573-1605 Dmitriy Godunov[3]
1573 Prince Yuriy Tokmakov[3]
1573 Prince Boris Tulupov[3]
1576-1605 Stepan Godunov[3]
1576 Boris Shein[3]
1577 Prince Petr Tatev[7]
1577 Prince Dmitriy Khvorostinin[7]
1577 Fedor Nagoy[3]
1577 Mikhail Petrov[3]
1577 Fedor Sheremetev[3]
1577-1580 Prince Timofei Dolgorukov[7]
1563-1571 Afanasiy Buturlin[3]
1563 Ivan Buturlin[3]
1568-1575 Dmitriy Buturlin[6]
1581 Prince Ivan Velikogagin Menshoy[3]
1581-1602 Ivan Godunov[3]
1581 Prince Fedor Troyekurov[3]
15?? Dolmat Dalmatov-Karpov[8] At times of Ivan the Terrible

Feodor I of Russia, the Blessed[edit]

Year Name Notes
1584-1586 Prince Dmitriy Yeletskiy Boroda[3]
1584 Prince Fedor Khvorostinin[3]
1584 Ivan Saburov-Peshko[3]
1584 Prince Ivan Ganin[6]
1584-1613 Ivan Golovin[6]
1585 Prince Ivan Kolychev-Kriuk[3]
1585-1589 Prince Boris Zasekin[3]
1585-1604 Ivan Buturlin[6]
1587-1600 Andrei Kleshnin[3]
1587 Nikita Ochin-Plescheyev[3]
1587 Prince Petr Lobanov-Rostovskiy[3]
1590 Mikhail Saltykov[3]
1591 Semen Saburov Peshko[3]
1592-1607 Yakov Godunov-Tolstoy[3]
1593 Prince Ivan Turenin[3]
1596-1604 Dmitriy Veliaminov-Obenekov[3]

Boris Godunov[edit]

Year Name Notes
1598-1610 Bogdan Belskiy[3]
1598-1605 Semen Godunov[3]
1598-1639 Matvei Godunov[3]
1598 Stepan Godunov[3]
1598-1622 Nikita Godunov[3]
1598 Prince Vasiliy Khvorostinin[3]
1598 Mikhail Saltykov[3]
1598 Mikhail Romanov[3]
1598-1603 Foma Buturlin[6]
1601 Vasiliy Morozov[3]
1601-1606 Petr Basmanov[3]
1603 Prince Ivan Khvorostinin[3]
1603-1611 Prince Aleksandr Zasekin-Zhyrovoy[3][9]
1604 Ivan Basmanov[3]
1604-1610 Ivan Godunov[3]
1604 Prince Vasiliy Terenin[3]
1604 Petr Sheremetev[3]

False Dmitry I[edit]

Year Name Notes
1605-1613 Prince Grigoriy Dolgorukov[3] Killed
1605 Andrei Nagoy[3]
1605 Grigoriy Nagoy[3]
1605 Prince Dmitriy Turenin-Obolenskiy[3]

Vasili IV of Russia Shuiskiy[edit]

Year Name Notes
1606-1612 Vasiliy Golovin[4]
1606 Prince Vladimir Klubkov-Mosalskiy[3]
1606 Aleksei Plescheyev[3]
1606 Prince Grigoriy Romodanovskiy[3]
1607 Mikhail Tatischev[3]
1607-1654 Semen Golovin[3]
1607 Vasiliy Schelkalov[3]
1607-1634 Artemiy Izmailov[3][4]
1610 Prince Vasiliy Litvinov-Mosalskiy[3]

Michael of Russia[edit]

Year Name Notes
1613 Boris Saltykov[3]
1619-1620 Aleksei Zyuzin[3]
1620-1640 Fedor Buturlin[3]
1622-1628 Prince Fedor Lykov[3]
1623-1627 Prince Daniil Dolgorukov[3]
1623 Mikhail Saltykov[3]
1626-1643 Lev Dolmatov-Karpov[3]
1627-1634 Prince Grigoriy Volkonskiy[4]
1627-1629 Vasiliy Akhamashukov-Cherkasskiy[4]
1627-1640 Feodor Buturlin[4]
1627-1640 Lev Dalmatov-Karpov[4]
1627-1640 Grigoriy Pushkin[4]
1628-1629 Prince Aleksei Lvov[3][4]
1629 и 1636—1658 Prince Andrei Litvinov-Mosalskiy[4]
1629-1640 Prince Semen Prozorovskiy[4]
1629-1640 Stepan Proyestev[4]
1630 Lukian Streshnev[3]
1634 Vasiliy Streshnev[3]
1634-1635 Vasiliy Korobyin[3]
1634-1665 Prince Fedor Volkonskiy[3]
1635 Prince Andrei Masalskiy[3]
1636-1646 Fedor Volynskiy[4]
1636-1640 Mikhail Saltykov[4]
1636-1640 Fedor Streshnev[4]
1637 Nikolay Veliaminov-Obenekov[3]
1640 Miron Veliaminov-Zernov[4]
1640 Prince Dmitriy Lvov[4]
1640 Nikifor Sobakin[4]
1640-1658 Boris Pushkin[4]

Alexis of Russia[edit]

Year Name Notes
1645 Grigoriy Pushkin[3]
1646 Prince Dmitriy Volkonskiy[3]
1646 Prince Vasiliy Romodanovskiy Menshoy[3]
1646 Mikhail Buturlin[3]
1646 Petr Trakhaniotov[3]
1646 Fedor Karpov-Dolmatov[6]
1647 Prince Semen Pozharskiy[3]
1647 Prince Ivan Khilkov[3]
1648 Prince Ivan Romodanovskiy Menshoy[3]
1649 Prince Ivan Khilkov[3]
1649 Stepan Pushkin[3]
1649-1651 Timofei Buturlin[4]
1650-1673 Fedor Buturlin[3]
1650-1655 Vasiliy Buturlin[3]
1650 Mikhail Rtischev[3]
1650 Vasiliy Choglokov[4]
(?) died 1650 Prince Petr Volkonskiy[3]
1651 Stepan Streshnev[3]
1651-1674 Prince Dmitriy Dolgorukov[6]
1652-1654 Petr Golovin[3]
1652-1659 Prince Semen Lvov
1653 Prince Aleksei Dolgorukov[3]
1654 Prince Boris Troyekurov[3]
1655 Andrei Buturlin[3]
1655 Daniil Velikogagin[3]
1655 Prince Timofei Scherbatov[3]
1655-1667 Zhdan Kondyrev[6]
1655 Fedor Kriukov[10][11] received feoffment as yaselnichy
1656 Nikita Boborykin[3]
1656 Fedor Rtischev[3]
1658-1664 Fedor Yelizarov[4]
1658-1667 Vasiliy Yeropkin[4]
1658 Ivan Gavrenev[4]
1658-1661 Aleksei Kolychyov[4]
1658 Fedor Miloslavskiy[4]
1658 Prince Ivan Lobanov-Rostovskiy[4]
1658 Prince Vasiliy Lvov[4]
1658 Prince Semen Lvov[4]
1658 Prince Lobanov-Rostovskiy[4]
1658 Prince Semen Pozharskiy[4]
1658-1664 Prince Fedor Dolgorukov[4]
1658 Prince Grigoriy Romodanovskiy[4]
1658 Prince Ivan Pozharskiy[3]
1658 Prokofiy Sokovnin[4]
1658 Ivan Streshnev Menshoy[4]
1658 Prince Fedor Khilkov[4]
1658 Bogdan Khitrovo[4]
1658 Vasiliy Choglokov[4]
1658 Osip Shusherin[4]
1658 Timofei Shusherin[4]
1658-1668 Prince Nikita Lvov[4]
1658-1668 Prince Dmitriy Dolgorukov[4]
1658-1668 Prince Petr Dolgorukov[4]
1658-1668 Prince Danila Veliko-Gagin[4]
1658-1668 Andrei Buturlin[4]
1658-1668 Fedor Buturlin[4]
1658-1673 Semen Izmailov[4]
1658-1668 Prince Ivan Pozharskiy[4]
1658-1668 Fedor Rtischev[4]
1658-1668 Osip Sukin[4]
1658-1676 Prince Ivan Bariatinskiy[4]
1658-1676 Nikita Boborykin[4]
1658-1676 Mikhail Volynskiy[4]
1658-1676 Vasiliy Volynskiy[4]
1658-1676 Ivan Miloslavskiy[4]
1658-1676 Ivan Streshnev Bolshoy[4]
1658-1676 Rodion Streshnev[4]
1659 Mikhail Volynskiy[3]
1660 Prince Osip Scherbatov[3]
1665 Ivan Miloslavskiy[3]
1665 Afanasiy Ordin-Naschokin[3]
(?) died 1667 Vasiliy Choglokov[3]
1668 Prince Yuriy Bariatisnkiy[4]
1668-1675 Prince Vasiliy Volkonskiy-Verigin Liubka[4]
1668-1676 Prince Vladimir Dolgorukov[4]
1668-1676 Prince Grigoriy Kozlovskiy[4]
1668-1676 Matvei Pushkin[4]
1668-1686 Petr Skuratov[4]
1670-1676 Konstantin Shusherin[4] Boyar (1682—1692).
1671-1675 Prince Vasiliy Volkonskiy-Verigin Liubka[3]
1672 Artamon Matveyev[4]
1672 Kirill Naryshkin[4]
1675 Ivan Khitrovo[4]

Feodor III of Russia[edit]

Year Name Notes
1676-1677 Ivan Buturlin[4]
1676 Matvei Miloslavskiy[4]
1676 Prince Aleksandr Lobanov-Rostovskiy[4]
1676 Afanasiy Narbekov[4]
1676 Grigoriy Sobakin[4]
1676-1686 Aleksandr Khitrovo[4]
1677 Ivan Khitrovo Bolshoy[3]
1677 Yakov Volynskiy[4]
1677 Aleksei Golovin[4]
1677 Mikhail Golovin[4]
1677 Semen Zaborovskiy[4]
1677 Ivan Matiushkin[4]
1677 Petr Matiushkin[4]
1677 Ivan Kondyrev[4]
1677 Ivan Rzhevskiy[4]
1677 Vasiliy Sobakin[4]
1677 Fedor Sokovnin[4]
1677 Ilya Chirikov[4]
1677 Boris Yushkov[4]
1677 Prince Grigoriy Volkonskiy[3]
1677 Prince Ivan Troyekurov[3]
1677-1686 Andrei Chirikov[4]
1677-1686 Petr Kondyrev[4]
1677-1692 Prince Stepan Lvov[4]
1678 Semen Kondyrev[4]
1678-1686 Ivan Pronchischev[4]
1678-1692 Ivan Chaadayev[4]
1679 Nikita Streshnev[4]
1679 Boris Buturlin[3]
1679 Ivan Volynskiy[3]
1679 Ivan Kodanov[3]
1679 Prince Mikhail Lvov[3]
1679-1686 Prince Daniil Bariatinskiy
1680 Prince Daniil Bariatinskiy[6]
1680 Ivan Yazykov[4]
1680 Prince Boris Gorchakov[3]
1680 Aleksei Likhachyov[3]
1681 Prince Ivan Korkodinov[4]
1681 Prince Mikhail Lykov[4]

Ivan V of Russia and Peter the Great[edit]

Year Name Notes
1682 Roman Bobrykin[4]
1682 Fedor Leontyev[4]
1682 Andrei Leontyev[6]
1682 Ivan Leontyev[3]
1682-1692 Vasiliy Leontyev[4]
1682 Pavel Yazykov[4]
1682 Prince Fedul Volkonskiy[3]
1682 Prince Mikhail Volkonskiy[3]
1682 Prince Vladimir Volkonskiy[3]
1682 Prince Petr Lvov[3]
1682 Fedor Volynskiy[3]
1682-1692 Mikhail Glebov[3]
1682 Petr Golovin[3]
1682 Lev Golokhvastov[3]
1682 Prince Mikhail Zhirovoy-Zasekin[3]
1682 Andrei Matveyev[3]
1682 Aleksandr Protasyev[3]
1682 Bogdan Pushkin[3]
1682 Andrei Tolshoy[3]
1682 Fedor Scheglovitov[3]
1682-1686 Larion Miloslavskiy[4]
1682-1686 Tikhon Streshnev[4]
1682-1686 Prince Yakov Khilkov[4]
1682-1686 Kirill Khlopov[4]
1682-1692 Venedikt Zmeyev[4]
1682-1692 Prince Boris Gorchakov[4]
1682-1692 Vasiliy Narbekov[4]
1682-1692 Bogdan Polibin[4]
1682-1692 Ivan Pushkin[4]
1682-1692 Aleksei Sokovnin[4]
1683 Prince Nikita Rostovskiy[4]
1683-1686 Leontiy Nepliuyev[4]
1683-1686 Ivan Buturlin[4]
1683-1686 Prince Matvei Obolenskiy[4]
1683-1686 Aleksei Rzhevskiy[4]
1683-1692 Ivan Musin-Pushkin
1683-1692 Matvei Izmailov[4]
1683-1692 Semen Tolochanov[4]
1683-1692 Prince Ivan Khotetovskiy[4]
1683-1692 Prince Fedor Shakhovskoy[4]
1683-1692 Prince Dmitriy Scherbatov[4]
1684-1713 Petr Apraksin[3]
1684-1692 Nikita Akinfov[4]
1684-1727 Fedor Apraksin[4] Governor of Astrakhan (1693), Admiral general (1706)
1684-1686 Mikhail Tatischev[4]
1684-1692 Ivan Zheliabuzhskiy[4]
1684-1692 Prince Vasiliy Zasekin[4]
1685 Prince Ivan Dashkov[4]
1686 Fedor Golovin[4]
1686 Yakov Pushkin[4]
1686 и 1692 Mikhail Likhachev[4]
1687-1692 Prince Mikhail Lvov[4]
1688 Petr Lopukhin Menshoy[4]
1688 Kondratiy Naryshkin[4]
1688 Matvei Naryshkin[4]
1688 Aggei Shepelev[4]
1688-1692 Ivan Leontyev[4]
1688-1692 Ivan Matiushkin[4]
1688-1692 Prince Petr Lvov[4]
1688-1692 Mikhail Sobakin[4]
1689 Ivan Golovin[4]
1689 Vasiliy Lopukhin[4]
1689 Illarion Lopukhin[4]
1689 Petr Lopukhin Bolshoy[4]
1689 Ivan Golovkin[4]
1689 Semen Poltev[4]
1689 Ivan Tatischev Bolshoy[4]
1689 Fedor Shaklovity[4]
1689-1692 Ivan Golovin[4]
1689-1692 Kiryan Kvashnin-Samarin[4]
1689-1692 Grigoriy Naryshkin[4]
1689-1692 Pavel Savyolov[4]
1689-1692 Dmitriy Streshnev[4]
1690-1692 Andrei Leontyev[4]
1690-1692 Prince Ivan Zasekin[4]
1690-1692 Fedor Zykov[4]
1690-1692 Mikhail Kolupayev[4]
1690-1692 Mikhail Glebov[4]
1690-1692 Iov Golokhvastov[4]
1690-1692 Rodion Pavlov[4]
1690-1692 Timofei Savyolov[4]
1690-1692 Vasiliy Streshnev[4]
1690-1692 Prince Ivan Ukhtomskiy[4]
1690-1692 Prince Perfiliy Shakhovskoy[4]
1691 Semen Koltovskiy
1691 Vasiliy Naryshkin[4]
1691-1692 Fedor Narbekov[4]
1691-1692 Prince Fedor Bariatinskiy[4]
1691-1692 Aleksandr Protasyev[4]
1692 Vasiliy Leontyev[4]
1692 Ivan Naryshkin[4]
1692 Petr Potyomkin[4]
1692 Prince Vladimir Volkonskiy[4]
1692 Timofei Yushkov[4]
1693 Petr Golovin[4]
1693 Prince Mikhail Zhirovoy-Zasekin[4]
1693 Yuriy Shusherin[4]
1693-1696 Timofei Choglokov[3][4]
1711 Aleksei Yushkov[4] Promoted from stolniks to okolnichies (4 November 1711) during trip of the Tsar to Elbing. There were no more promotions to okolnichy.[12]

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